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This square stands on the very heart of the city. Both its ancient and present designs are a sight to see for passers-by not only due to the beauty of its architecture but also because it has become an unavoidable point of reference in relation to all institutions surrounding it, including Tenerife’s Town Council.

The atmosphere of the area where the beautiful Monument to the Fallen Ones is erected as a challenge towards the sky is also very attractive, a view that can not go unnoticed to anyone, however familiar it may seem.

The blue colour of the sea and the modern nature of the buildings that form part of an environment where other buildings erected during the last two centuries stand in harmony, are a motivation for the people of Tenerife and a reason to be proud of. In addition, there in the distance are the mountains as loyal guardians of a land that has been blessed by nature.

Spanish Square was, is and will be an emblem of the capital of Tenerife and its new image is aimed at strengthening this symbolism though with a completely different look.

One of the main objectives of planned transformations is to turn the square into an open space to the sea, of greater tourist attraction and more easily accessible to visitors.


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